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樸優價值觀: 誠信高效、協同敬業、追求卓越

樸優人誠實守信,視承諾如金,為了滿足質量、進度的要求可以不惜犧牲成本。 樸優人協同敬業,積極營造真誠、健康愉快、通明的工作氛圍。樸優人追求卓越,因為只有不斷地提高,才能有發展的未來。

Our mission

To be the most reliable partner of our clients, return quality products and services to our clients , to be an enterprise where our employees realize their Self-value

We believe

It make sense for a company to be there only when it keeps meeting clients' changing needs with time. A company can survive and develop only when it really focuses on the benefit and long-term development of the clients, which was proved by over decade cooperation with Accor and several years cooperation with South Beauty Company Limited.

Employees need to realize their self-value, enterprise is the platform for it, enterprise development is linked with employees' development, enterprise development helps to employees' development and vice versa.

Our vision: To be a well-known brand company specializing in high-grade decoration of chain restaurants and chain hotels.

Only rely on our staff to build and maintain our quality brand, can the enterprise survive in the market for one decade and two decades, we always receive recognition and appraisal from our clients because of our strength and reputation ever since we entered the market.