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福彩3d未出号查询 www.jdnfji.com.cn     北京樸優裝飾工程有限公司成立于2000年,具有國家裝飾專業承包壹級、機電安裝貳級施工資質,是一家以室內裝飾為主體,融機電設備安裝、建筑防水等為一體專業化公司。

    公司一直專注于大型房地產精裝樓盤、酒店、餐飲等連鎖品牌的內裝, 以公司的誠信及服務發展與客戶的長期戰略合作關系,經過十多年的不懈努力,憑借精湛的施工工藝、專業而穩定的施工隊伍、嚴格的管理體系及優良的售后服務,創造出眾多精品工程,贏得了新老客戶的好評和信賴。代表客戶有中國金茂、葛洲壩房地產、雅高酒店管理集團、西藏宏績集團、王品集團、大成集團、星巴克、湊湊餐飲、綠茶等40多個知名餐飲連鎖品牌。



   Founded in 2000, Beijing PPE Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd, is a company specialized in interior decoration including M&E installation and waterproofing, has qualification certificate of general contracting grade I for building construction.

   The company always focuses on the decoration market of midscale and upscale restaurants and hotels, targets chain business, build long term strategic cooperation relationship with clients through integrity and services. After over decade efforts, relying on fine construction technique, professional and stable construction team, strict control system and good after-sale service, we have created many state-of-art projects which won appraisal and trust from all clients. The typical clients include Accor and South Beauty Company Limited、 Powealth Int’l Enterprise Management Co.,Ltd andBeijing Shengbaiwei Catering Co.,Ltd. etc.
   Ever since its foundation, we always stick to the principle “integrity, profession, efficiency, and excellence”, strive to be the most reliable partner of our clients with the mission of returning clients with quality products and services. We look for clients with integrity and efficiency, create benefit through cooperation and improve service with dedication.